giovedì 7 ottobre 2010

Kingdom Hearts RE: Coded in... Italiano!!!

Non è una traduzione completa, ma sono stato in grado di impostare (con qualche hack nella ROM :P) la lingua Italiana l'ultimo uscito RE Coded. Per ora vi lascio solo un video dimostrativo qui nel blog e qualche screen.

3 commenti:

  1. bello re:coded quando esce in italia melo compro

  2. thanks for the grear job you have done with Birth by Sleep, RE: Coded and KH:2 FM, you're the reason i decided to start studing C/C++
    I dont know if RE: Coded has been patched to english, if it is not I would like you to traslate if you could :) or at least to make a list of what tools do you use to decrypt the file and how to start it.
    Thanks a lot for reading this
    Greetings for spain
    PD. Sorry my bad English

  3. I make a mistake, i didnt want to say KH RE: coded, i wanted to say the KH: chains of memories, the game that cames with KH: FM+ for PS2
    Sorry about my confusion