giovedì 26 maggio 2011

After 1 month... [UPDATE]

Yeah, after a month I'm here again writing a new post.
As someone knows, I'm studying in these days. I had the exams simulations 3 days ago and I'm a little satisfied, but I want to study more to get an near-perfect exam! The writing examination will start on 23 July and the oral examination after few days from 23. I'm studying these arguments:
- Giovanni Pascoli (Italian literature)
- World War 1 (History)
- Facebook (English)
- An social network's database and his network (I'm programming it in Microsoft Access)
- Modem and Modulation PSK/DPSK (Electronics)
- Average (Statistics)
I'm a bit sad because I hate study and I prefer to spend my time to other things but I need it :P. Then, what are the status of my projects?

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix translation: