domenica 25 settembre 2011

Croc - Legend of the gobbos (UN)PACK Tool

Who knows about this great game that falls on Saturn and Playstation more that 10 years ago? Well, today I want to show you my pack/unpack tool about this game.

This isn't the first release, infact a lot of time ago I released an unpacker that works only with the Playstation version. This works with both :). In a single command-line program, you can extract, edit and repack the various files of the game, also I added the possibility to repack the files with the standard alignment of a CD-ROM to speedup the loading times (but this cost an increasing of the output file).

download for win32


Please don't spam on the non-kingdom hearts II Final Mix translation related posts about the freeze of the game with my patch and don't ask about Kingdom Hearts I Final Mix translation :) thank you. Also I'm not replying to anyone in these two last months: I reply already to every type of question, so search on the comments and be patient. Oh, for now I won't work anymore on KH series, I'm sorry.