giovedì 31 marzo 2011

KH2FM English/Italian patch (progress)

Well, the translation is going very well. I've already translated two worlds including the new cutscenes. The damn thing is to translating the new NPC dialogs that it's veeeeeery boring. I've discovered also that some files can't be bigger than an specific size and this make me an big problem, but I'll find an solution for sure :). These are some screenshots of the translation:

Well, this is an approximate status of the entire translation of both languages:
System messages: 70%
Gummiship missions: 50%
World That Never Was: 60%
Disney Castle: 85%
Journal: 65%

DOWNLOADS: ENG ITA (ohoh, it was an April fool :P it's too early for an beta)

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  1. Finally,Can your friend translate kingdom hearts fm 2 and kingdom hearts birth by sleep fm in spanish?

  2. I'll ask him soon :) don't worry

  3. Hey Xeeynamo, vedo solo una cosa: gli spazi sono un po' troppo ampi. E' dovuto ai caratteri JAP o è una cosa irrisolvibile?
    Bel lavoro :)

  4. @chocoholic:
    Si, è un problema legato ai caratteri jappo, ma credo che sia risolvibile :) ci proverò!

  5. OK! :) Benissimo ! :)
    Nel frattempo sbaverò sulla patch parziale *_*

  6. maybe after you translate KH2FM+ into english you can do the other games in english as well? (such as KHFM and BBSFM)

  7. @The Wayward Son:
    Sure, after KH2FM I'll translate KH1FM! For KHBBSFM I've translated it only to Italian because there was another guy that had translated it to English (

  8. ciao...
    innanzi tutto mi volevo congratulare per il grande lavoro attuato dovresti ricevere un premio...
    la mia domanda era se potevi postare o inviarmi un download (possibilmente veloce) di un iso di KH2FM+ quelle che ho provato non funzionano...

    la mia e-mail:

    grazie ancora e ciao...

  9. poi devi passare anche a the 3rd birthday =) e non è un pesce d'aprile =) hahaha scherzo non sono il tuo datore di lavoro.

  10. a che ora metti i link? comunque.. potresti (quando hai finito quello che devi fare) tradurre World of Warcraft Wrath of the Litch King?

  11. Do you know about Majik?
    He is translating KH2 Final Mix to English as well, but he uses Caps letters and is taking just too much time.
    He released a second beta, but it's buggy yet.
    His site is

    What tools do you use? Can you please tell me?
    And how did you do to insert normal, lowercase letters in there?

    Great job, you're just doing great. No April Fools joke here (:

  12. @Xalusc:
    Yeah, finding an translation of KH2FM I found his patch to translate the game. I thought to translate the game in my language but the problem of some letters (àèìòù) was a problem and I started to working. I replaced the fonts from US game to FM version, I've adapted them and this is the result =). I programmed some custom tools to translate the game, currently there aren't public tools to do it. Also my translation have some problems: the game sometimes freeze when you press START after Sora open an big chest, and the crowns aren't added to Journal :(. I'm finding a way to fix this

  13. Oh, nice!
    I had the same problem translating the game to my language (Brazilian Portuguese), so I thought I'd wait til Majik imported custom fonts to the game.
    But damn, he's taking too long, and your patch looks better, and will translate everything, what's so good (:

    Oh, about the freezing, the same thing happened in Majik's first beta ^^

  14. @Xeeynamo: Thanks for letting me know about the guy translating BBSFM into english! However, he seems to have trouble translating some things (such as Xehanort reports and timeline sections) due to space issues, maybe you can help him out?

  15. @Xalusc: If you want you can add me on messenger, I can help you with the translation ;)
    @The Wayward Son: Well, I've the same issue. We worked together with the same tools to translate the game. Also my Italian patch for BBSFM haven't the Journal fully translated (only timeline sections and character descriptions).

  16. I know I'm pushing it but could you give us an estimated release date please? :)

  17. can you make English/Italian patch for kingdom hearts final mix ?

  18. I've never play KH2FM in japanese i only play because of your patch but can you translate the KH1FM? in english cause i can't play it in japanese

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  20. can I pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese help you? and how did you translate the game? did you use somekind of program that was available online? or did you program it yourself? if so, then what kind of programming language did you use (will java work?)? one last question, what is the best programming language to create trainies and programs that hack games to change subtitles and dialouge and hp and stuff? please tell me. i want to translate it to my language too (arabic). sorry for asking alot of questions, but i want to know, pleeeeeeease tell me...